Welcome to Rel Life!

Too often we feel the pressures of life. The people closest to us and strangers alike feel the need to tell us how we should live, what we should be doing, and even what we should think. So much is expected of us, how do we choose who to listen to? How do we stop those judgmental stares and comments? How do we know if the decisions we make are the right ones?

Simple answer: We Don’t.

What we do know is that we can control our own thoughts and actions. When we listen to what others tell us, we can take their words as advise and think for ourselves. When we receive judgmental stares and comments, we can decide if we let them affect us or if we rise above them. When we make decisions, we can take responsibility of those decisions (no matter the outcome) and grow from them. The key thing to remember is that we just have to continue being strong and living our lives.

On that point, my belief is that we should value every moment of our lives and we should live them as our best selves. I know, this sounds like a feel good “you can do it!” post, and in a way it is but this is truly how I feel. If you don’t embrace the gift you have been given (life) then you may end up with regrets later. I have never spoken to anyone who tells me that they want regrets. So live, do what you enjoy, even if you don’t enjoy every minute. In my experience, the things in life that matter the most are the experiences we have along its journey.

In Rel Life (Rel is my childhood nickname), I share what is going on in my life. Anyone can interpret my previous paragraph how they believe relates to them the best. For me I gain the most from my life by experiencing moments with the people that I love (and sometimes on my own) and by learning. I am a self-proclaimed “skills collector”. If I am not learning then likely I am bored. As a result, my blog consists of a variety of posts from a variety of topics but I try to keep them organized. All I want to do is share the things that I learn with whom ever wants to learn them too.

I hope you enjoy reading Rel Life!